The tokenomics of PepeZilla project has been arranged in such a way as to ensure the stable development of our project and certainty for investors.

Supply of 420,690,000,000,000 $PEPEZILLA

  • 56% of the tokens are reserved for Presale

  • 33% of the tokens are reserved for liquidity provision to ensure a healthy trading environment.

  • 11% of the tokens are reserved for CEX Listings, Bridges and Staking

The PepeZilla teamโ€™s goal is to create a strong and active community, with a well-defined 0% BUY TAX and 4% selling fee while 3% of the tax will be used for marketing and listing on centralized exchanges (CEX) distribution to ensure the projectโ€™s sustainability & and 1% of every sell transaction is immediately redistributed to $PEPEZILLA holders in the form of additional tokens . This innovative approach to taxation ensures that investors who hold $PEPEZILLA will benefit from the success of the project, while also providing a source of funding for its continued growth and development

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